Monthly Archives: March 2016


The Story Behind the Image 3 – Pollen Covered Bee On Crocus

Whenever I am home and step outside the door I almost always look for macro subjects to photograph – especially during the non-winter months.  On a cold and windy early April day I did so as […]

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Reflecting On Full Reflections

When it comes to nature photography, including reflections can be a powerful visual aid to the image.  Especially appealing are full reflections, when done properly and of those, perfect “mirror” reflections can be the most […]

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The Story Behind the Image 2 – Merlin At the Beach

One fall morning I was at one of my favorite locations for bird photography, following my usual route when I am at that place.  The path I choose to take there is always the same: first walking […]

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Backyard Bird Photography

Sometimes there are days that you just can’t get out of the house:  Your spouse needs the car for the day, or the car is in the shop, or a heavy snowstorm makes it a wise […]

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The Story Behind the Image 1 – Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

For my new blog I would like to introduce a segment, hopefully a weekly one,  called “The Story Behind the Image”.  In it I will share the situation, my thought process, anecdotes, and tips and […]

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Scouting the Mallards, and Going Tight.

Hey guys and gals, welcome to my brand new blog!  This is my second try at one, and now with a few more internet years under my belt I know better what to do and […]

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