Monthly Archives: May 2016


Why I Love Cloudy Days For Bird Photography.

Call me crazy, but when I see the forecast calling for a cloudy day, or even light rain or snow on a day I am going out to photograph birds, I leap for joy.  OK, […]

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The Story Behind the Image 7 – Of Hurricanes and Gulls.

For a week during the summer of 2014 I had the opportunity to bring my wife and kids for our first true vacation at a seaside cottage (and what a beautiful one it was!!) along […]

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Bursts For the Handholders

Even with proper long lens handholding techniques it can be quite a challenge to get consistently sharp results with slower shutter speeds (a speed that can vary from photographer to photographer, for me that may be […]

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Living the High-Key Life

In the art world there are much more elaborate and specific definitions for “high-key”, but for the purpose of wildlife photography I simply refer to it as having a white background.  It is an acquired […]

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The Story Behind the Image 6 – Bullfrog Eyeing A Fly

It was a hot and humid early summer day as I walked along a riverside trail near my home.  The birding was slow, and so was my walk as I tried to find anything of note […]

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