Having been born and raised in Ottawa, Canada, I was fortunate to have spent my lifetime (to date) in a big city encompassed by many natural areas within it and many more at very close proximity.  Taught early on by my father to respect and appreciate nature I quickly grew a deep fondness to the avian world.  Countless walks through neighborhood trails, snaking through forests and following the shores of the Ottawa River permitted me to observe many birds and animals and their behaviors, many of which I now wish were recorded on film. Photography was also always a part big part of our family, with a camera always following us on our endeavors.  One day during my early teens I borrowed my father’s camera to try to photograph those birds I’d been watching.  It was something I would periodically do during the late 80’s and early 90’s.  The photography bug grew steadily bigger, but remained mostly in the back of my mind.


Fast forward to 2004.  I impulsively purchased a used Minolta X-700 SLR camera (same model that dad had) along with a modest 70-300 third party telephoto lens and started shooting slides.  That was it…I was hooked on bird photography!  In 2005 I upgraded to a digital Canon EOS DSLR camera system (and as of November 2021, mirrorless), with which all the photos on this site have been taken with.


Since 2008 I have been a moderator on birdphotographers.net – the best website-based forum to learn and hone your bird (and other nature) photography skills bar-none.  After all those year there, I still learn, and many others do daily as well.


Marrying photography and birding together has been the ideal way of bringing my hobby into my home…and also to you via this website, dancadphotography.com. Although primarily a bird photographer, I have also taken a keen interest in photographing other aspects of nature from mammals, to amphibians and reptiles, to flora, and the occasional landscape.


Hopefully you will enjoy this website as much as I have spending time out on the field, producing these images and assembling them together here for you all to see…


Thank you for visiting,
Daniel Cadieux



Image courtesy Ross Taylor