Top 10 of 2017!

Already a year since last year’s “inaugural” list…time sure flies (bad bird-related pun unfortunately intended)!  Another good year of images, with some pretty fun encounters and perhaps one “chance of a lifetime” one as well.  […]

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Think Big…Small in the Frame.

Most of us are the same when photographing birds:  we want to get as close as possible to our subjects.  Either physically, or with the help of long lenses (or both), we want to fill […]

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The Story Behind the Image 12 – Hunting Heron in Silhouette

I have not posted a “Story Behind the Image” in a while, but after a few requests this reminded me it was time for a new one.  New story, but of an oldie, one of […]

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Attention to Detail

A short and sweet blog post about paying attention to small details, in this case at a setup perch.  See the image immediately below.  At first glance the image is appealing enough.  A male American […]

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Exploring the Angles

When confronted with such a cool bird as an owl, it is very tempting to go straight for the close-up, head-on image(s).  Nothing wrong with that at all, and I am in the same boat […]

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My Position On Wing Position

A Great Blue Heron suddenly appears from your right, flying at eye level right above beautiful marsh habitat, and crosses in front of you perfectly parallel to the camera.  You fire off a series of 12 […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day, Bird Photography Style

With February 14th all about love, romance and heart-shaped things, here are a few images to make the birding world a bit more affectionate 🙂  You won’t find any extra technical stuff (save for the exif […]

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Top 10 of 2016!

Every year at this time I enjoy reading many photography bloggers’ personal “best of” or “favorites” of the past year.  2016 saw me start a blog of my own, so now I get to create one of […]

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Cut It Out With Those Clipped Wings!

As one gets closer to birds for photography, one thing that is eventually inevitable is clipped wings.  Even a bird that is fully included in the frame, well composed, with lots of room all around can […]

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