The Story Behind the Image 11 – Leopard Frog in Deep Trouble

With a long lens and a cooperative subject, we can get some highly intimate close-up images of behaviours, poses, expressions…or all the above in one.  A juvenile Great Blue Heron was fishing at the edge of […]

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Inclement Weather? Head Out Anyways!

Almost everyone loves a warm, bright, sunny day…especially on weekends for those that work Monday to Friday, a category I fall into.  Those work hours have me mostly into the “weekend” photographer group, so that […]

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Don’t Ignore the Locally Common Birds!

  Migration is a great time of year, both during the spring and during the fall, as this can bring in exciting uncommon and rare birds coming through an area.  The bird admirer in me […]

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Head and Shoulders Above – Creating Tight Portraits

Creating tight portraits, or “head shots” as some people call them, is a highly satisfying type of photography, at least for me.  When it comes to bird photography, one of things that gets my heart […]

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The Story Behind the Image 10 – Northern Flying Squirrel

During the summer of 2013 a most unique, and likely once-in-a-lifetime, opportunity presented itself.  It all started as a picture my brother and sister-in-law posted on facebook, of a Northern Flying Squirrel, from up close…with […]

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For The Belly Crawlers – Please Read This Important Post!!

Hey all, shorebird season is in full swing, and that can only mean one thing for the very dedicated shorebird photographers (which includes myself)….belly crawling through the sand, mud, muck, and whatever other stuff is […]

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Black Backgrounds

Beautiful, lush, and colourful out-of-focus backgrounds certainly add interest and appeal to any bird photograph.  High-key, which I wrote about here, when well done can offer some added artistic value.  Another type of background, which is […]

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The Story Behind the Image 9 – Red Fox On The Prowl

Algonquin Provincial Park (APP) is one of the best spots in North America to see and photograph native mammals.  Moose, wolves, and bears are some of the larger favorites, but the winter months has a couple […]

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Subject-to-Background Separation.

This is one of the easiest things to accomplish, yet it is one of the questions that I get asked the most:  “How do you get the subject to stand out from the background like […]

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