Custom USB Sticks

USB keys have been around long enough to be widely known as a reliable method of transporting and transferring files from device to device.  What they are also good for is for a professional-looking way to market your photography business (or any other type, of course).  This is where my experience with USB Memory Direct and their custom USB sticks was very beneficial.  It’s one thing to go to your local electronics store to pick one or two generic USB sticks, but what if you need something more and a little better?

Communicating with one of their coordinators, it was suggested that the “Tower” style was most popular with photographers.  Seeing that it had a “wood grain” look to the sticks, I thought they looked good, as a nature photographer, so I went with that.  What I did not expect was for the product to be made of actual wood.  Very stylish, with slightly rounded edges for comfort and finished looked.  Neatly integrated magnets in the cap and the body keep the stick closed and protected in a surprisingly strong manner.

The logo I provided them is accurately reproduced, and logically placed right-side-up so there is no guessing which way to plug the USB it into your device.  The other side of the stick has thin enough wood that a glowing red light seeping through shows ongoing activity. 

What better way to give a first impression than presenting photographs on one of these beautiful custom USB sticks.  Lots of design options (even the wooden “Tower” has different types of woods to choose from), great customer service, and fast shipping.  Give them a try if you are in the market for USB sticks!

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